Essential Oils Therapy

Essential oils are currently enjoying a surge in popularity. However, the use of essential oils in to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing is hardly a new phenomenon. Many ancient cultures around the world have known about the benefits of essential oils for centuries.

As early as 3000 B.C. essential oils were used in Egypt, China and India for medicinal benefits, beauty care and spiritual enhancement, Both the Old and New Testament have dozens of references to aromatic plants, with at least 12 essential oils mentioned over 9 times each. Many of the specific uses for essential oils, as well as recipes for essential oil blends in today’s world are a direct result of biblical references.

The synergy created by combining acupuncture treatment with essential oils is particularly effective. The use of oils on acupuncture points and meridians creates a profound healing experience. Each oil has a specific energetic quality, and when it is paired with the appropriate acupuncture point, a powerful healing response is created.

During treatment, a small drop of a specific essential oil is applied topically on one or more acupuncture points. The oil can be used to relax, stimulate, warm or cool. For example, lavender, is one of the more popular essential oils, partially because of its pleasantly pungent odor. The quality of lavender as an essential oil is relaxing and cooling. It moves the physiological symptom through the acupuncture point and meridian as opposed to suppressing it. When applied to the appropriate acupuncture points it can be used to treat a variety of ailments. It will calm headaches, relieve muscle spasms and alleviate anxiety.

Essential oils can be blended to specifically address a patient’s unique health issues for continued treatment at home. By applying the oil (usually twice a day for two weeks) the healing effects of the acupuncture treatment are augmented.

Both the quality of the oils and the quality of the treatment are paramount to maximizing their effectiveness. It is very important to work with an acupuncturist who has received proper training in using essential oils in acupuncture treatment. It is also important to use essential oils that have been created using the the best ingredients using a process that confirms to the highest manufacturing standards. When that is done, the combination of essential oils and acupuncture is a great tool to help you live your best life.